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Estate Planning Essentials: A Guide Book for Today’s Modern Family

Co-Authored by Attorneys:
S.J. Khalsa
with Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch

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Estate planners today must do more than just determine who should inherit. Today, families look different than ever before and seniors face new struggles as they age. Modern estate planning must involve taking a holistic approach that considers your non-financial legacy and the impact that you can make on your loved ones and on the world.

Estate Planning Essentials provides you with essential information on why traditional estate planning techniques simply do not go far enough and arms you with the tools you need to take control over how you are remembered. You can go above and beyond to protect your wealth and your family with the tips that you get from Estate Planning Essentials. The new holistic estate planning process that the book sets forth will help you to:

  • Provide for your underaged children: Leaving an inheritance to a minor can be complicated. You also must make certain your children have an appropriate guardian to raise them to adulthood if you cannot be there for them. This book helps you to make a plan for your children’s future while avoiding common mistakes that parents make.
  • Provide for a disabled relative: You cannot just make financial gifts to someone with a disability, as you could jeopardize access to means-tested government benefits. In Estate Planning Essentials, you will learn how to provide for uninterrupted care and for the financial needs of your loved one who has a disabling condition.
  • Protect your wealth: Your assets could be lost during your life or after your death due to nursing home costs, irresponsible heirs, divorce, or many other causes. You can find out about asset protection so the wealth you have earned can be used to accomplish your legacy planning goals.
  • Make an estate plan for your blended family: In blended families, estate planning is more complicated due to the need to make sure children from inside and outside of a marriage can inherit, even after a divorce or remarriage. Estate Planning Essentials explains how to make an effective estate plan that protects every member of your family.
  • Pass on heirlooms and memories: Discover how you can pass on family heirlooms and preserve your memories and family history for future generations.

If you are interested in exploring a new and better approach to the estate planning process, Estate Planning Essentials is the book that you have been looking for.

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